Thursday, October 1, 2015

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Should you be worried sick of teeth whitening side effects?

The answer is NO.
First of all, you should remember that it is common for teeth whitening products to cause side effects like tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. It comes with the package. This is because these products consist of chemical ingredients that can make you feel a slight tingling sensation.
But you don’t have to worry because these side effects commonly disappear after only a few days.
Even the best teeth whitening products cause a bit of sensitivity and irritation. So don’t fret and go berserk. The discomfort you are feeling right now will quickly disappear and give way to whiter and more beautiful teeth.
What you have to be careful of, on the other hand, is how frequently you use teeth whitening kits. There are some people who experience far more severe symptoms because they use too much of the product in strong doses.
Remember that these products contain chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. And when you use too much or scrub too hard on your teeth, the chemicals can erode the enamel and further aggravate oral irritation.
This is why you are always reminded by teeth whitening product manufacturers to be careful with how you whiten your teeth.
If you are using whitening gels, don’t leave them on your mouth longer than the recommended number of hours as this can severely irritate your gums. It’s all in your hands.
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Teeth whitening side effects can be further minimized today by using some preventive measures like dental dams.

These are used to make sure that no chemicals or strong bleaching agents seep into the gums and cause irritation. Laser teeth whitening also uses some protective material that keeps the gums from being subjected to discomfort.
There is no reason to fear anything. It’s normal for teeth whitening procedures to cause a bit of discomfort. But come to think of it, a little bit of pain won’t really matter if it will help you achieve a whiter smile.

So just chill out and relax because teeth whitening side effects are just common and won’t cause you serious problems.

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