Sunday, August 3, 2014

Realm of the Mad God Hacks

About the Game

Realm of Mad God (or often called ROTMG) is a massively multiplayer game (or much better MMG) created by Wild Shadow Studios (developed by Kabam in June 2012) and Spry Fox. It was released on January 2010 (beta version) and officially launched on June 20, 2011 (browser version). The game was made available on digital distribution platform in Steam for Windows and Mac users on 20th day of February 2012.
The players must dispatch from the realm of Oryx (the titular Mad God) because they become food for his minions and abominations. The game is designed to the fact that, characters death is permanent. Upon their death, the player’s character will lost along with all carried equipment, although, player may store number of items for security in a limited capacity vault away from danger.
This game is FTP (or free-to-play) with some optional transactions. Items bought with optional transactions include in-game equipment ranging from low to high-level weaponry, pets can provide aid to the player, you can temporarily allow defeated monsters to drop higher-level equipment by using tier-boost, and they also included aesthetic features such as skins and dyes.
The game client is built in Flash and can be played using your browser on his site and on Congregate or you can download from Google Chrome Web Store and Steam.

Hacking out the Realm of Mad God



Like other game, if you want to be “the great” or if you want to be the “one of the best” but you don’t have patience, and then you are the player who wants to hack the game. Luckily there’s a way to hack this game. Using some hacking tools readily available on the net, but you need some extra time looking and extra effort for the right tool.
First stop is the Realm of the Mad God Hacked Client tool, which is most common hacker tool in Realm of the Mad God. This hacking tool is called “hacked client” because the hacker (or player) changes the game client (.swf file) and processes the input form from the server or from the user into the client. This method has been super effective in the past days and still possible to create a working god mode of ROTMG using this method.
Next the Realm of the Mad God Cheat Bot. Many bots are used in ROTMG. Most of the bots are currently known, are the “sale bots”. This is used to make your trading easier. But they are some primitive farming bots back when a valuable currency in the game is at fame. The moment of farming bots are seen very rarely, but this might can change radically once the fame returns for being the primary way of getting amulets or some items similar to amulets.

The final verdict

                Lot of hacking tools is spread out on the net. All you need is a little patience looking for them and I’m pretty sure that you will have one perfect for your gaming needs.

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